Dulcimer Bar Manchester
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Dulcimer Chorlton

Dulcimer Folk Bar Chorlton

Dulcimer Chorlton

567 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0AE
Tel: 0161 860 0044
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 12pm-11.30pm / Fri & Sat 12pm-1am
Dulcimer Folk Bar Chorlton
Dulcimer Manchester

Dulcimer, in the heart of Chorlton, provides an extensively chosen selection of beers, wines & spirits as well as an exciting vibrant atmosphere set to a soundtrack of fine folk music.

Opened by Lee Janda in October 2007, a long-time collector of rare Acid Folk LP's & 45's, pre-war American & British Folk/Blues, Spanish & South American Folk and a member of B-music/Finders Keepers with Andy Votel, Dom Thomas and Rick Tomlinson, there's no worries about the music ever changing in Dulcimer come rain or shine.

To create Dulcimer, the whole building was completely striped back to what original features could be used, including the old brick walls and windows, and complimented with wood, brick, cast iron rad's and a new frontage. All the chairs, tables and fittings were hand chosen from allsorts of antique and reclamation places as well as spending hours painstakingly looking through Ebay.
Dulcimer Chorlton

The bar was custom built to an old style with an oak top. Every inch of the front and back bar space has been carefully looked at and designed in such a way that it fits in with the 'Dulcimer feel' and works well, giving the customer lots of space to see what’s on offer. The hand picked selection of drinks on offer at Dulcimer has something special for everyone, whether you are a Real Ale connoisseur, continental Lager drinker, Wine buff or traditional aged Spirits drinker.

The Kitchen offers some really special Organic and Locally sourced dishes to offer everyone that fits right in with the 'Dulcimer' outlook.
Upstairs you'll find more fantastic chairs and tables together with a great looking DJ booth, custom built from an old Victorian Bar front. All the Psychedelic Folk posters and Persian rugs really set the room off as well as the excellent commission painting by local talent Darren Marsh.
As you'd expect for a bar which is built around the music, the soundsystem goes right throughout the bar, up and downstairs with Martin Audio speakers (the same company 'Pink Floyd' used for their Darkside of the Moon tour). You may even notice the big Klipschorns upstairs in the corners at the front of the room, they were the same speakers used at the legendary 'Loft' 'Studio 54' and 'The Gallery' in New York and are one of the finest speakers ever made.
Live Music at Dulcimer
Dulcimer Manchester
A huge strength to Dulicmer is Manchester's community of music lover's, musicians and artists who provide entertainment on a weekly basis. Fine Ales and Finer Folk!.
Dulcimer also offer regular gigs, as well as the excellent DJ Nights ('Hot Rats' psychedelic nights on Friday's & 'B-Music' with Lee Janda, Andy Votel and Dom Thomas on Saturdays). Lookout for loads of old Folk legends playing here on Thursday's including Dando Shaft, Tudor Lodge, Meic Stevens, Heather Jones, Magic Carpet, Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band), Spirogyra and regular new monthly live nights, 'Up At The Red Bricks', with Alfie's Lee Gorton.
Dulcimer Chorlton

"We first bumped into Lee Janda in Cord, propping up the bar and drinking some fine Import ales. The conversation quickly moved on to fine ales and eventually music. As regulars at the Cambridge Folk Festival, we were excited to learn of a new bar he was opening in Chorlton which was to be dedicated to rare Folk and fine ales. Naturally, we rushed down to Dulcimer once it opened in October 2007. Wow! Chorlton's latest addition is everything a Folkie would want from a bar. With rare folk roots providing the soundtrack for our visit, the choice of of ales is one of the best we've seen in Manchester - Thwaites Flying Shuttle 4.6% Cask was excellent. This could easily become our favourite bar in Manchester!". - ManchesterBars.com (October 2007)

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